Superior quality fruit production certified with ISO 9001: 2000 and in accordance with national and European legislation


A.S.OP Episkopis maintains high standards in all the procedures followed in the formulation achieving absolute quality and safe products in accordance with national and European legislation


Fresh fruits are exported worldwide, with main recipients Eastern Europe, Central Europe, China, N. Africa, Saudi Arabia, etc.


Ensuring Quality in fruit, at all stages of production is a primary objective for the ASOP Episkopis. Securing this chain starts from the cultivation method, continues to harvesting, preparation and packaging to complete the distribution and retention to the end customer.

farming methods0%
Harvesting - Branding - Packaging0%
Distribution - Preservation as the ultimate customer0%

Annual fruit production


tons of apple


tons of pear


tons of peach and nectarine


tons of plum


tons of kiwi


In this context, ASOP Episkopis implements an integrated management system with the requirements of the standards AGRO 2-1 & 2-2 Good Agricultural Practice standards under GLOBAL G.A.P. protocol V6 Stis crops producers. The objective is the effective control of the primary sector and to ensure the production of agricultural products under controlled conditions and without persistence of pesticides.\r\n\r\nASOP Episkopis has been also certified with ISO 9001: 2000 & ISO 22000: 2005.


The distribution of products in Greece and abroad is made with refrigerated lorries and containers in order to ensure freshness and taste of the products. The experience, love of producers to final product, the absolute application farming methods, combined with the control and guidance of qualified scientific personnel, rank ASOP Episkopis as one of the most reliable producers groups and one of the largest export units in Greece.